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February 1, 2008 at 10:45 pm 3 comments

…super organized, trip planning mode. Alex and I have finally booked all of our living accommodations on our three week adventure in the bel paese. See this post to see where we’ll be staying in both Naples and Rome. All we have to do now is find a cheap hotel close the Florence airport where we can stay on our last night in Italia before waking up at an unGodly hour to catch our 6:50am flight.

Needless to say, I’m super excited, I think Alec reminded me today that we’ll be there in 80 some days! EEEEE! We’ve known that we were going to do this for over a year now….and I’ve been so patient, and I continue to be. Knock on wood everything will go according to plan!

So for the past few weeks I’ve been reading reviews online and in travel books of all sorts of the best places to eat, drink, go, and go and be seen. Florence is pretty much all set. I know what I want to do there….basically things I never got to the first 4 months we were there (several churches, a few restaurants, and exploring new parts of the city). Rome and Naples both have lists of particular sights i want to spend more time at, bars where I’d like to sip “un caffe perfavore,” and eateries that I’ve come across. The Amalfi Coast however needs some work…..It’ll for sure be the most expensive part of our trip, for which we have nothing planned yet!

I know I run the risk of over planning. I definitely don’t want to have a planned itinerary for every minute of the trip…..maybe a simple to do list will do the trick and we’ll pick and choose what we HAVE to do off that list. Besides, part of the fun of trips are the spontaneous excursions that pop up…..those usually prove to be the most authentic and worthwhile!


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and now……Alex’s Spaghetti Sauce Faux Pas! Nutella Trifle for World Nutella Day 2008

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  • 1. Alec  |  February 2, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Rachel told me in our last email (and I quote): Thanks again for all of your tireless research (though part of me thinks you get off on all of that).

    And you and I are twins, so it stands to reason that we both enjoy planning and are maybe… just maaybe, a little OCD.

    But you’ll be pleased to know that I told her that I didn’t get off on the planning… but rather the over-inflated sense of accomplishment that follows!

  • 2. Eryn  |  February 2, 2008 at 3:14 am

    ME TOOO……it’s totally the “over-inflated sense of accomplishment” that immediately follows.

    twinz…..i imageine an audible “bing’ everytime I type twinz!

  • 3. bleeding espresso  |  February 3, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Planning is definitely at least half the fun of a trip…I’m with you on that :)


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