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Alex’s Pasta Faux Pas

This is what happened when Alex tried to be helpful tonight. I couldn’t help but explode in hysterics.

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Looking forward…

So maybe if I don’t concentrate on what could go wrong and start looking ahead towards the big day in April everything may just fall into place. So I’m going to try and not go into too many boring, paperwork details anymore. Let’s just say that today I sent two major documents out and hopefully they get to where they need to go on time and come back ON TIME :-)

Today I found a flyer/ad for a company called that I had discovered last March at the SXSW conference. There are a few places already floating around out there that are similar. But I think that is much cooler as it offers more personalization options and such while creating your book. I’ll definitely keep this place in mind come May when I have hundreds of photos from the wedding and honeymoon and need something to do with them.

Our kitchen at the moment is trouble for me right now. It’s a magnetic field of chocolate and other assorted desserts and keeps drawing me in. We still have a lot of Christmas candy leftover, as well as a dessert trifle I made last night, and a gallon sized ziploc filled with cookies, brownies, and baklavah that Alex brought home with him today from their company conference. We’ll definitely have to pass some of these goodies around to friends……DANGER.

This week I downloaded Sia’s new album, “Some People Have Real Problems.” It’s fine….although I probably haven’t given it the fairest shot since I’ve only listened to it while being immersed in work and not exactly paying attention to the music. My fav song of the album still remains to be “Day Too Soon” whose video I just watched and it’s bizarrely amusing, to say the least. rocks!

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