Ever been to a burlesque show?

December 16, 2007 at 2:17 pm Leave a comment

I have…….twice now:-) This past Thursday Alex, myself, and 6 friends went to the quaint and eclectic Hyde Park Theatre in central Austin to see a Holiday Burlesque show Alex had found out about.

The company that put it on is called Shrewd Productions. The theatre was incredibly modest but as soon as you walked in you knew a good time was going to be had. I was a little nervous at first…the other burlesque show I had been to was very racey (which don’t get me wrong…was so fun) but this time I had 6 unexpecting people with me who I wanted to show a good time….esp. since we recommended it.

The show started at 10pm so we all met at the Theatre at 9:30 and waited until the box office opened. Once it did things got a little rocky in that they reserved the 8 of us tickets for the NEXT night (friday). UGH, so frustrating…stuff like this always happens to me and Alex! But to no avail they got us in….we didn’t get to sit right next to one another, we were kind of clustered together in a group which actually worked out better since we weren’t just in one straight line. Rather a cluster where we were able to talk to one another comfortably.

We were all prewarned that pasties and suggestive dancing was involved…..we were not let down :-) In one dance a girl even lost a pastie :-0 After about every two dances the show would stop for about 5 min. while sexy elves and santa’s helpers would walk around with spiked hot chocolate and jell-o shots….um FUN :-)

The host was hilarious and audience members were pulled on the stage throughout the night. The show was fun and unpretentious and I would definitely go back next year…I mean c’mon who doesn’t enjoy holiday songs, costumes, and dozens of pasties???


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