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Reality Anger

Every since I was a freshman in college I’ve watched the Real World. I don’t know what it is about trashy reality TV that has the ability to just suck me in.

This season on the Real World (in Sydney) has been volatile to say the least. There has been a series of events on the past month of shows that have just gotten under my skin like nothing before.

Does anyone else out there watch this show and know what I’m talking about? Anyway, last night’s show was just the icing on the cake and prompted me to jump online and bond with other viewers and bloggers. The level of maturity and human indecensy that three of the girls display (esp. one in particular) is horrifying. I really couldn’t believe my eyes and ears as I watched these girls make huge fools of themselves. All I can say is that I hope they’re embarrassed and I hope that their young viewers don’t repeat this atrocious behavior.

Ok…I’m done. bleh.

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Crazy trip and a Happy Thanksgiving

It’s good to be back…physically and virtually! Alex and I had a very good and successful trip in Ohio. We knew it was going to be hectic going into it. It started with us driving the 3.5 hours to Dallas from Austin to catch the flight from Detroit. Once we arrived there we rented a car and drove to Toledo where we made a pit stop and visited Alex’s old job at WGTE. After which we drove an hour and a half to Lima to visit his dad, stepmom, and nephews until Wednesday evening when we drove back to Toledo to be with his mom and see our friends from college for the rest of the trip. I was sooo excited to go back to Bowling Green where I went to school and spent 4 years of my life that feel like a decade ago.

I was so excited when we got there that there was so much fall foliage still on the trees. I love fall colors and get so giddy when I see them. The day we left a cold snap hit the midwest and the rest of the leaves fell :-)

Alex and I were in charge of the turkey, well mostly Alex since he’s known for what I like to call the “Firenze Turkey.” The Firenze Turkey came about in none other than Florence when Alex’s roommates (the Bufas) and my roommate and I cooked an amazing Ringraziamento (Thanksgiving) meal the day after the real Thanksgiving in 04. I can’t divulge the real recipe because it’s sacred…..but it involves a fair amount of sage.

Attached to this post are pics from the trip!!!

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Farewell for probably a week…..

…today we set off for our Holiday Journey. We are traveling to Ohio to see Alex’s family and visit our friends from college! I’m excited to go back, I haven’t been back to my college town since Sept. of 2006.

We bought our tickets this summer…..thank goodness since gas prices seem to be raising the price of tickets left and right. It was $400 cheaper with both tickets combined to fly from Dallas to Detroit, rather Austin to Detroit, SO we have to drive to Dallas this afternoon, spend the night at the airport hotel, and then wake up tomorrow morning REALLY early for our 8am flight!

I always usually get a little worried before trips like this, ya know….am I forgetting anything, do we have our boarding passes, did I pack warm enough clothes etc.

Saci is staying at her grandparent’s house (my parents) which she’ll LOVE. Grandma feeds her wet dog food (with us she just gets dry kibble) and grandma gives in to her every demand. Even if her every demand includes wanting to go out every 10 minutes.

On another note, I’ve printed all the invitations and have sorted them into their respective envelopes….yay!

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A Dane Cook Explosion…

…Alex was excited all day today,”Why?,” you ask. Because he purchased the newest, “fantasticle” Dane Cook DVD called “Rough Around the Edges.” We watched a snippet of it as soon as we got home from work and then rushed through our workout at the gym to race back and watch the rest.

Now with Dane’s (I can refer to him by his first name….we’re like this [imagine me twisting my middle and index finger around eachother]) last release,”Vicious Circle” it took me two viewing times to fully appreciate its grandeur….but this one was a treat that in the first go around I had tears in my eyes and my cheeks ached, ya know from smiling and laughing HARD…really hard.

I’ll have to call my friend over that laughs more than I do for the second viewing…can’t wait!

Go get yourself a taste of this fun-filled treat, it’s only 10 bucks, c’mon…I would have paid $30, seriously!

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Lillies and an Anniversary

Sadly, amongst wedding preparations, planning for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip, and work mumbo jumbo Alex and I both let our 3 year anniversary slip by. oops! I reminded him 4 days after when I came to the realization at work. That night Alex and I had our typical date night at Salt Lick 360 (gourmet bbq). While walking to the car he insisted on driving and I realized why when I opened up my door and found yellow lillies on my seat and the Disney movie Rattaouille under my seat which I’ve been wanting to see so badly.

The date night was awesome and the movie was adorable….go rent it!

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We actually made the bridge SHAKE

This past Sunday Alex, my mom, and I woke up at 6:30 AM and drove downtown for the annual Komen Race for the Cure. It was the first year any of us had participated, a fellow coworker recommended that we participate. So we did!

There were over 24,000 participants this year and everyone was decked out in PINK. Alex and I spoke afterwards how we could have easily started crying several times when walkers/runners in front us had signs pinned to their shirts saying, “In Memory of my sister/daughter/mommy,” it was heartbreaking yet heart warming at the same time. You could feel the strength of the survivors and their families….very touching.

Before starting the 5K walk we all were lined up on the 1st street bridge and bc of all the weight on it the bridge started to SWAY and SHAKE… was an eerie/terrifying feeling I never want to feel again. Luckily the bridge held up and we were all able to have a good race.

Afterwards we met friends at Z Tejas for brunch. Getting there was a trip since a majority of the streets were still roped off and about 24,000 people were all getting into their cars at the same….oy vey!

excited for The Office tonight, wonder what Crazzzzyy things Michael Scott will do this week!

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A night out in Austin

Last night Alex and I had a very nice date night to celebrate the week’s end!!! We said a sad farewell to Saci (she always is sooo hard to say goodbye to, how can puppy dog eyes not make you feel guilty) and then drove downtown in Perla (the fantastico Honda Fit).

Alex found that there was a gallery opening last night with the theme: Artists responding to the War. There were a lot of people there which is always encouraging, like most Americans these days I cannot wait until this useless war is OVER. Much of the work was very moving and had strong messages behind them.

Afterwards we went across the street to a new restaurant called Gypsy :-) I had a peach bellini for the first time and it may become one of my new fav drinks (behind kuhlua and creme of course). We both had amazing house salads with arugula, pecorino cheese, homemade croutons, and the house dressing. For the main course I had a dish with stacked eggplant, roasted peppers, tomatos, and zuchini and with a side of butternut squash gnocchi (it was ok, don’t think I’d order it again, one of those dishes that looks great on paper just isn’t executed well) and Alex had Chicken Piccata that was delicious just insanely buttery :-)

On Sunday we’re participating in the Komen Race for the Cure with my mom, I’ve heard how inspiring the walk is…..excited about it!

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Thought I would post a few pics from this Halloween. In the first I’m a milkmaid and Alex dressed in my clothes….nice right? Alex also bought Saci an adorable witch hat and matching tshirt that said “I will beg for treats.” When she would forget about the hat she wore it well, otherwise she would shake it off.

We passed out candy with my family, Saci, and a work friend of mine. I was also able to catch up with my childhood best friend who works as a sportscaster in Abilene, Texas and was home for the holiday. Their bull dog Hershel wore a tuxedo while their poodle Hershey wore a mini mouse costume (too bad Hershey is a boy). oh well

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