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Favorite Things :-)

Just now while eating a few oreo cookies I was inspired to write a list of some of my favorite things from completely random categories:

Favorite Store Bought Cookie: the OREO of course. I love dunking them in a LOW mug of milk. I emphasized the “low” because nothing’s worse than trying to cram your hand down a skinny glass of milk trying to achieve maximum dunkage with the 5 centimeters of milk at the bottom. so GO OREOS, esp. double stuffed……but I try to be good most of the time ;-)

Favorite Smell: Ok, I have 2. The smell of warm, freshly baked doughnuts (i’m bad) and the smell of fall when you walk outside on a crisp day and you smell the burning of leaves and or wood. The only downside of the latter smell is if your hair has just been washed it now takes on the smell of smoke. small price to pay…….although I do have a weird habit of smelling my own hair throughout the day……WeIRdo!!!!!

Favorite time/day of the week: Around 6pm on Friday, you have the anticipation of the upcoming weekend and the work week is a distant memory. It’s usually the evening Alex and I brainstorm which eatery in Austin we have yet to try and go and TRY IT!!!

Favorite TV channel: The Food Network by far. No surprise for most of you since my first two favorite things on this list have to do with food, as does most things in my life. The Food Network is ALWAYS the first channel I surf to when flipping on the tube. I know way too much food trivia, just the other day I schmoozed onlookers with my knowledge of orzo. My favorite personalities on said network are Giada de Laurentiis and Tyler Florence (and no, I don’t just like him bc his last name is Florence!!!)

Favorite mode of transportation: Boat boat boat!!! I love being on water on a sunny day. There’s something so liberating about the whole experience, plus you usually can’t beat the scenary. Is it just me or are people the most happy when they’re on boats? Well except Alex who has chronic motion sickness and avoids boats at all costs :-(

Favorite animal: Dolphin. I swam with them once when I graduation from highschool and went on a cruise with my family to the Caribbean. I had a weird experience that day when the dolphin was supposed to come up and look as if it were kissing my cheek. (you’ve all seen those poses)…well I was the over-zealous teen in the group and of course was the first to go. The dolphin lurched towards me with a little too much force and nailed me in the temple. Damn IT HURT. but moments later it compensated for the mishap and we managed to get my photo taken with it. The funniest part of the whole situation is that we were being video recorded at the same time and at that moment in the video they have it in slow motion. So me getting mauled by the dolphin is in super slow mo….pretty awesome, I still love dolphins despite this :-) The above pic was taken at the cove where we swam with the dolphins, two dolphins pushing you through the water via your feet is an awesome feeling.

Favorite childhood memory: Playing Marco Polo with my Uncle Dave and brother in our grandparent’s pool in Scottsdale, AZ. Each summer Ryan (broham) and I would visit our grandparents and our Aunt and Uncle in Scottsdale for about a month. The anticipation we had before going out there each summer was enormous and once we got there we would just hang out with the fam and play all day long. I get so nostalgic whenever talking about it because of how carefree and happy I was at the time.

Favorite post-adolescent/adult memory: The entire semester I studied in Florence ’04 at SACI. Need I explain why? The entire time I felt so grateful and so alive. From the places I saw to the relationships I came home with. It really was the best time of my life :-)

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Salsa Salsa Salsa

This past Sunday evening Alex and I went to a coworker’s wedding in Austin at The Vistas at Seward Hill. I’ve never been to an event at this particular location so I didn’t know what to expect…the locale was gorgeous, very Spanish hacienda looking with intimate lights, fountains, and Spanish themed buildings surrounding the courtyard. What I loved most was the Salsa band they had. It was by far the best live salsa music I’ve ever heard and it just made you want to get up and DANCE. The bride and groom were very experienced salsa dancers as were a few of the guests. It just inspired Alex and myself to take up ballroom dancing lessons once again.

Something we’ll have to look into! The attached picture is of the outdoor setting where the couple exchanged vows….and even though I’m not Catholic I’m pretty dead set now on Ave Maria being played/sung at our wedding. It brought tears to my eyes…

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Alex did a very bad thing…so why am I so in love with it???

Around lunchtime today Alex called me while I was at work and told me that he wanted my support in what he was about to do. That being purchasing a HUUGGEE 42″ LCD flatscreen TV. Now, this was no surprise to me, he’s been bugging me about getting one ever since he moved down here. So because I’m kickass I told him he could do whatever he wanted to do…as long as this doesn’t inhibit saving money and this and that for the wedding and the future house.

When I came home this evening I met Alex in passing with a childishly, giddy grin on his face while he took our old digital cable box back to Time Warner to replace it with a new HD box.

Then I had to help him carry the monster of a TV up three flights of stairs. There were times when I thought the TV might slide from my kung fu grip…luckily it made it to our entertainment stand all safe and sound!!!

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God Bless the Internet

Thanks to the world wide web all can visit Our Wedding Website. I don’t know how often we’ll update this but it’s a place where you can view photos, read our stories, and view other details about the upcoming “kick ass” nuptials to be held in Flotown!!!

Please note that we just set this up yesterday so it’s a bit lacking in content. Also, please vote for “Eryn” on the poll. Alex is a jerk and asked the question, I shall win! You can vote for “Saci the dog” if you wish as well :-)

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I can feel fall!

Ok, I know I live in Austin, TX and our highs lately have been in the high 80’s….but I can still feel fall. Especially this morning when I took Saci out to do her morning business. The air was crisp, the sun made the sky the perfect shade of crystal blue, and a light breeze moved over me that made me happy. The low 60s in the morning feel great and I can’t help but wish that they were the highs of the day.

Today, Alex, my mom and I are volunteering downtown at the Lance Armstrong Cure for Cancer Event. There’s a big bike ride for the event and we’ll be helping the riders register and collect all that they’ll need for the next day (power bars, water bottles, yellow liveSTRONG bracelets, and such). I did it last year and hearing the inspirational, yet heartbreaking stories of the riders brought me to tears. It’s especially touching when you see the children affected by the horrible disease…but this event is about the positive and about finding a cure and being strong along the way, it’s a special event!

Saci is being demanding at present and looking at me with eyes that say, “why are you typing and not petting me?!?”

I have to go pet my dog!

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Making Headway…

Last weekend we took a major stride in getting details squared away for the wedding in April. We purchased our plane tickets to Florence (ours and my parents’). We are flying out of Houston thru Paris to Florence (roundtrip) via AirFrance. Since purchasing the tickets I’ve heard great things about the airline, and honestly, whenever I fly overseas I always have the best flight experiences. Everything from hot towels for your face, chocolate treats, newspapers, wine samplings, and great meals.

So I’m excited that that step is out of the way, I was starting to stress if we should wait to buy them or do it now. You never know if prices will go up or down…however if they do go down I’ll be sure to contact the airline to have the difference refunded. Anybody ever have any luck with this?

Also, we’ve squared away the apartment we’re going to stay in for the week we’ll be in Florence. It’s a studio apartment for $550 per week which I think is splendid. And it’s on Via Chiara near Mercato Centrale, which I think is a sign being that Chiara is the name I’ve picked out already for our future daughter. One thing at a time right?

Attached to this post our pics of the studio we’re going to put a 50% deposit on.

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