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Pumpkin pickin’… Texas

It’s October right? oh wait… more day. Well we’re ready for it after our journey 1.5 hours outside of Austin to go to Sweet Berry Farm where my dad was in heaven rummaging through the mountains of pumpkins and fall gords. I was kept busy by the little itty bitty pumpkins that weighed less than a pound while my brother and dad insisted on getting 24 lb pumpkins.

It was a cute place with homemade jams, corn mazes, and pumpkin painting contests.

The wedding planning is coming along although I can’t help feel lazy about it. I still need to print the invites and send them all out as well as buy a dress, buy Alex’s wedding band, and of course arrange our living accommodations and plane tickets. We ALMOST bought tickets last week for approx. $1100 each roundtrip from Houston to Florence but then were haulted by my bro’s girlfriend who’s travel agent said it would be cheaper if we waited ’til January. This makes me nervous because I feel like we’re now waiting too long and prices will become inflated…….any advice?

p.s. the picture of the hand painted like an elephant was from an email I just received from my aunt…..the artist is pretty incredible, he does it all himself!

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Yup this is about normal…

Ever since I returned from Florence in December 2004 I have longed to go back. It’s one of the things in my life that I’m most passionate for and know for sure what my heart is telling me. And because of this longing I dream about Florence constantly.

Sometimes the dreams are so-so, but sometimes they’re FANTASTIC, and I actually feel as if I’m frolicking on the cobblestones while eating gelato and skipping my way to SACI (the best art school EVER). And every time I have these dreams….I say to myself, “Oh my goodness I can’t believe I’m actually back here.” Because I KNOW that’s what I’ll be saying to myself when I’m actually there. I’ve been wanting to go back for so long now and the fact that I haven’t makes it feel like a lofty goal very hard to achieve……although it’s not. Just 6 1/2 more months…..I can taste it!

The second picture is the outside of SACI (Studio Art Centers International). It resides in Palazzo dei Cartelloni!

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It’s been awhile…

…since my last post. Life has been hectic friends……crazy hectic. Between work, freelance, swim lessons, my personal life, and whatever gets thrown in the mix I’ve been struggling lately. I almost had an anxiety attack this evening while getting more changes from a freelance client. Basically, when it comes down to it I’m sick of doing stuff for people once I’m off work…..ya know like freelance and swim lessons. I’ll do someone a favor gladly, just don’t call me frantically 4 times in less than an hour while I’m at work and texting me messages like “911 help.” Seriously that’s what a freelance client was doing while I was dealing with problems at work with a printer.


But, my trip to Scottsdale, AZ was great. I got to see my uncle’s new boys…see photos and was able to spend some good quality time with my grandma, aunt, and other cousins. It was sooo hot while there, no surprise, some days topping off at 115. And I’m sorry, but some point….dry heat don’t mean shit!

My new fixed up Perla (new car) is doing great. Although, I’ve developed a little driving anxiety now. If you’ve ever been rear-ended you know how it is. You suddenly dread every stopping point in the road in fear that the car behind you is going to plow into the back of the brand new vehicle you worked so hard to put a down payment on. So that sucks, but I’m working on it.

I have to run for now, I haven’t seen Alex barely at all today!


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