Maybe bad things really do happen in 3’s…….oh wait 4’s

August 15, 2007 at 12:13 am 4 comments

I haven’t posted in awhile or even check posts due to my current mental state. These past two weeks have probably been the roughest I’ve had in a very long time…I don’t know if I’ve actually ever had it worse.

Number 1: You all (all 4 of you) probably ready about my sprained ankle….that happened almost two weeks ago and it’s still bruised and hurts. Still waiting for the day to do cardio.

Number 2: My boss often times will pass some of his freelance clients off to me when he becomes too busy or just isn’t interested in doing it. About a week ago I agreed to take on a client he’s been working with for years. I went in with a positive attitude and have recently restored that, however, that was not the case this past weekend. I met with the guy last wednesday to discuss the 8 page booklet that they needed in two days. YAY for me, right. They don’t have any hires images for me to work with or even copy that they’re happy with. Nonetheless, I sit down for three hours one night and knock a front and back cover, plus a spread. I send it along happily (patting myself on the back only for them to contact me less than 20 hours later saying they’re completely dissatisfied. Well maybe if they had given me ANY direction, any fonts to work with, or possibly a corporate color (all things I asked for) they would have liked it maybe a little bit. So with confidence destroyed I worked 16 hrs throughout the weekend going back and forth with pissy clients who don’t offer any positive feedback. Meanwhile, they involve my boss, the one who put his faith in me and gave me this project… not only does he come off looking bad, so do I. I’ve recently patched things up with them…..but we’re still a long ways from completing the project.

Number 3: (it’s a doosy, beware) Yesterday I had a fabulous work day. Time flew and I was uber productive. 5pm rolls around and I decide to back up my lap top (I have a desktop and laptop at work) with the external harddrive. Meanwhile, Alex calls and tells me a hysterical story…….so, I’m distracted. Instead of copying my new work on top of the old work on the harddrive, I fuck up miserably and replace the new with the old. I realize that something has gone arry halfway and cancel the copy……well the damage was done. SEVEN MONTHS of work on my laptop has vanished…..needless to say I almost had a panick attack at work when I realized this. Seriously, seven months of half the company’s graphic design projects are gone. I would venture to say that thousands of files are missing…….THOUSANDS. I’m still distraught and barely coping with this. Everything has to be recreated…..that’s almost a years worth of work. Some files were flash too, motion animations that took months to create in the first place. Luckily a lot of stuff has been sent to press recently….but it would be nice to reference files every now and then. I played the day going through my email and recovering any files I could from past emails I sent to coworkers and printers. NOT FUN MY FRIENDS…….horrible. I had an appointment today with Apple because of my despiration and they have referred me to a “Miracle Worker” that works minutes from my apartment. Tomorrow at 10am (when doors open) I will be there, MacBook and external harddrive in tow with a hopeful smile and freshly baked cookies.

(ok so that’s three right, that’s what I was thinking when I was driving home after visiting the “genuis bar” at Apple, in traffic, 35 minutes from home…….with the windows rolled down even though it reached triple digits today because i’m trying to not make my ’95 Saturn break down)

Number 4: My dad calls while I’m pouring my heart out to my mom. I click over only for him to inform me that his mother passed away today. Instant tears/sadness…..especially for my dad. His mother, may she rest in peace, was always a bit reclusive and never made an attempt to get to know me throughout my life. I’ve seen her a handful of times and was never close to her. I’m just hurting for my dad who lost his mother today. She lived well into her 80s, but lived a life of isolation. I feel sad for her, but mostly I feel bad for my dad who insists on attending the small funeral in NY by himself. I offered to go but my dad has never been one to cause a scene or make things hard on others. He’s always protected me as much he could from emotional/physical distress.

So, I’m praying, even knocking on wood that my enormous load of badluck has subsided for now……I was just telling Alex the other day,”wow, things have been going so ‘as planned’ recently, I hope the bubble doesn’t burst”


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Anywhere but here… It’s the Weekend…I need it soooo bad.

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  • 1. Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome  |  August 15, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Hang in there!!!

    It’s funny that you sensed the calm before the storm :)

    It’s also funny that you mention “the law of 3”, since at the hospital we noticed it a lot! Very rare conditions in babies that we didn’t see in years, suddenly 3 cases will come at the same time! Simply odd…

    I tell myself, in medicine the function of pain is to make us react and make a correction… so I like to step back and change a thing or two so that things don’t happen to me again.

    Well, at least I try!

    Then life has it’s own plans, doesn’t it? Hmmm…

    Most of us have survived times like these before and lived to tell about it!

    Hang in there, it will pass as fast as it came… life is funny this way.

  • 2. Alec  |  August 15, 2007 at 3:42 am

    My pesca dove- apparently, you and I are in synch- not in the Vinnie way (though who knows)- but in the luck department. If it makes you feel a smidge better, I found out last week I owe another $5000 to Wheatonia. I don’t drink much, but boy, I could have used Mr. Jack Daniels by my side for that little bit of news.

    But l will say this- if I’d lost 7 months of files, I probably would have ended up on the roof, naked, pulling out my hair, and screaming in Spanish (which I don’t speak)… all while getting taped by Chopper 4 for a “Breaking News Segment.” So good on ya for keeping it together.

    And some first hand experience: my brother has managed to recover deleted files before, so there is still hope. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

    I’m sorry about Grandma Lewey. I wasn’t the biggest fan of my grandfather, but it hurt me to see my mom so broken up. The best thing I could do was just be sort of a silent supporter- let her know I was there. Please pass my condolences on to Papa Lewey.

    Well, one thing is for sure- the wind has got to change and blow Mary Poppins or some magical shit (Chef Ramsey?) over here to get everybody on the right track.

  • 3. chris & erin  |  August 15, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    Oh Eryn, I’m so sorry about your bad luck! I understand the losing files thing b/c of being in graphic design too! I’m already nervous about bringing over my laptop and extra hard drive on the flight/hotels/more hotels before we reach our apartment.

    My prayers for your family with your loss as well.

    But in the midst of all this – your bubble hasn’t completely burst b/c you are young, healthy, and have wonderful plans to look forward too! (I’m becoming a pro at looking on the bright side with the current stress :) )

  • 4. Eryn  |  August 15, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    farfallina- i know, i can’t believe i predicted the calm before the store….womanly instincts i guess.

    thanks for the kind words

    alec- thank you for making a lot of jokes, i haven’t laughed a normal amount in the past three days….although i still have probably laughed the same amount as the average human…..bc hey that’s just me.

    believe me, i wanted to sprint up to the rooftop, strip down naked and scream for the whole world to hear….but i withheld.

    erin-thanks for all your kind words, i appreciate it. and yes i know, the bubble isn’t nearly close to bursting. i realize that i have so much more that is going right in my life, i guess all of this just puts things into more perspective.


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