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Anywhere but here…

It’s Friday, the weekend is 6 hours away. Close enough to be cheerful/hopefuly yet far enough away to inspire my daydreaming and me writing this here post.

If I could be anywhere but here I would be laying in the sand on a pink Sardinian beach. I would have ample shade when necessary and full sun when wanted. Of course I would be sporting a cute bikini and brand new anklet (hey….don’t spoil my daydream, I can have as many details as I want). My hair would be sticky from sea salt and ocean breezes and I’d have a nice golden tan (because in daydreams you can have an olively complexion).

In my hand would be my tropical drink of choice…..either a Pina Colada or Peach Bellini. We’ll go with the Peach Bellini, since we’re on an island off of Italy and all. Alex and I would of course be fluent in Italian and would be speaking to a couple on a nearby beach towel.

Afterwards we’d stroll back to our vacation home overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (hey, I can have a vacation home in Sardinia that I can escape to when life in Florence at my permanent resident becomes too hectic). There we’d munch on proscuitto, figs, and pecornio cheese drizzled with honey and sip acqua frizzante.

That evening we’d take a passegiata to the nearest piazza where we’d order our favorite gelato from our favorite gelato serving friend…..SGM (we took him with us from Florence), we’ll bring him back once our holiday is over. The rest of the evening would be spent people watching and dancing in the piazza (I would be an accomplished salsa and samba dancer).

The next morning we’d sail around the island (Alex’s motion sickness would be cured) and we’d scuba dive in the turquoise waters. I’d discover a sunken ship with treasure, with the new found income I’d of course donate to the local humane society and use the rest to buy another vacation home……mmmmm perhaps Santorini, Greece (Alec and I would coown and schedule vacays at similar times:-)

You have a daydream? I WANT to hear it!

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