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Looking Forward…

Ok, this post is about nothing but hopefulness and anticipation. I’m not going to mention past events/situations because I need to move on and stop stressing!

On Saturday I leave for Scottsdale, AZ to visit my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. My uncle has recently adopted two more boys from Russia, making him the father of three little boys. Zach (his youngest) was adopted from the same small southern, Russian town in 2004. My aunt in Scottsdale is the mother of two children, Mei Ling (11) and Kevin (6), both from China. We’re the international family!!! My brother and his girlfriend, Jin, are also making the trip with me.

So yay for family time, it’ll be good for me!

In the picture above you can see Pinnacle Peak (the mountain peak on the left :-)

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Not in the Virtual Mood

I apologize to all my faithful readers…….ha whatever. I haven’t been in much of a mood to post lately due to my inevitable stress and irritability brought on by yet another bout of bad luck. We all know I was super excited to pick up Perla, my new Vivid Blue Honda Fit.

Wednesday, Alex and I took half a day off of work and drove to San Antonio in the early afternoon to pick her up from Gunn Honda. We got her, paid for her, and were on our way back to Austin, knowing that we were going to run into to Austin’s 5pm rushhour traffic. We get to Austin with no problems, then as I’m crossing the bridge over the Colorado River the Range Rover behind me decides to plow into my brand new car going about 10-15 mph. I thought I was in a dream. Just typing it again is making me feel sick to my stomach and mad all over again.

Making a long story short…….I cried my eyes out againa for probably the 4th time in two weeks and had to resort to telling family and loved ones more about my bad news. Alex has been a dream and has handled EVERYTHING for me. He is il mio knight in shining armor. He’s dealt with the insurance companies, body shop, and UT freshman that hit me.

The freshman who hit me is from Forth Worth and seems to come from money as him and his dad are preferring to pay for all damages and my rental car out of pocket. He’s been extremely cooperative which is a blessing.

Since it’s a BRAND NEW car they’re going to completely replace all damaged parts. The parts are supposed to arrive in the body shop on Tuesday…….I pray it’s quick and it’s done RIGHT. They are assuring me that she’ll be as good as new when I pick her up finally.

I can only hope that’s true……..

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The FIT is not far

Yesterday I received the phone call that my 2 month wait for my new car has ended. My 2007 Vivid Blue Pearl Honda Fit is awaiting its pick up at the dealership in San Antonio. We go tomorrow to pick her up.

She needs a name…I’m thinking Perla, any suggestions?

Biance, my current white Saturn is being sold to a coworker sometime this week, she treated me well and she will be missed!

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It’s the Weekend…I need it soooo bad.

After my hellish week I’m so thankful that the weekend is HERE! Maybe it was a blessing that my file loss happened on Monday at the beginning of the week so I could use the entire week to “kind of” repair the damage. I took my Macbook to a place near my apartment that specializes in Mac Data Recovery called Heroic Effforts……I know right. I need them to be my hero. I picked up my laptop on Thursday after they recovered 31 gigs of data. Pretty much everything I’ve ever dragged to the trash from my comp. The bad news is that all the files lost their names and now I have folders upon folders with ambiguous names that I now have to sort. Not everything I lost is there, which sucks and a lot of it is damaged. However, I still have stuff I may need. I don’t feel as completely lost anymore.

Ok, enough about the bad, more about the good…..right. We must think positively!!! I did get news from my boss yesterday after work that my raise has been approved. For some reason he didn’t know for how much it would be, I just know the paycheck will be larger. HORRAY! hmmmm, what else. There are Brownies in the kitchen. I’ve been pretty much the sole consumer of them for the past few days. Alex better get his act together! And last night we saw a fantastic flick…SUPER BAD! It was produced by the same makers of KNOCKED UP. Which I was also in love with. The movie was just what I needed. It pretty much made me laugh nonstop! Go see it, if you can!

Alec, we’ll dish later about how great it really was, I fear I may be forgetting hilarious events due to hysteria while exploding…..loudly!

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Maybe bad things really do happen in 3’s…….oh wait 4’s

I haven’t posted in awhile or even check posts due to my current mental state. These past two weeks have probably been the roughest I’ve had in a very long time…I don’t know if I’ve actually ever had it worse.

Number 1: You all (all 4 of you) probably ready about my sprained ankle….that happened almost two weeks ago and it’s still bruised and hurts. Still waiting for the day to do cardio.

Number 2: My boss often times will pass some of his freelance clients off to me when he becomes too busy or just isn’t interested in doing it. About a week ago I agreed to take on a client he’s been working with for years. I went in with a positive attitude and have recently restored that, however, that was not the case this past weekend. I met with the guy last wednesday to discuss the 8 page booklet that they needed in two days. YAY for me, right. They don’t have any hires images for me to work with or even copy that they’re happy with. Nonetheless, I sit down for three hours one night and knock a front and back cover, plus a spread. I send it along happily (patting myself on the back only for them to contact me less than 20 hours later saying they’re completely dissatisfied. Well maybe if they had given me ANY direction, any fonts to work with, or possibly a corporate color (all things I asked for) they would have liked it maybe a little bit. So with confidence destroyed I worked 16 hrs throughout the weekend going back and forth with pissy clients who don’t offer any positive feedback. Meanwhile, they involve my boss, the one who put his faith in me and gave me this project… not only does he come off looking bad, so do I. I’ve recently patched things up with them…..but we’re still a long ways from completing the project.

Number 3: (it’s a doosy, beware) Yesterday I had a fabulous work day. Time flew and I was uber productive. 5pm rolls around and I decide to back up my lap top (I have a desktop and laptop at work) with the external harddrive. Meanwhile, Alex calls and tells me a hysterical story…….so, I’m distracted. Instead of copying my new work on top of the old work on the harddrive, I fuck up miserably and replace the new with the old. I realize that something has gone arry halfway and cancel the copy……well the damage was done. SEVEN MONTHS of work on my laptop has vanished…..needless to say I almost had a panick attack at work when I realized this. Seriously, seven months of half the company’s graphic design projects are gone. I would venture to say that thousands of files are missing…….THOUSANDS. I’m still distraught and barely coping with this. Everything has to be recreated…..that’s almost a years worth of work. Some files were flash too, motion animations that took months to create in the first place. Luckily a lot of stuff has been sent to press recently….but it would be nice to reference files every now and then. I played the day going through my email and recovering any files I could from past emails I sent to coworkers and printers. NOT FUN MY FRIENDS…….horrible. I had an appointment today with Apple because of my despiration and they have referred me to a “Miracle Worker” that works minutes from my apartment. Tomorrow at 10am (when doors open) I will be there, MacBook and external harddrive in tow with a hopeful smile and freshly baked cookies.

(ok so that’s three right, that’s what I was thinking when I was driving home after visiting the “genuis bar” at Apple, in traffic, 35 minutes from home…….with the windows rolled down even though it reached triple digits today because i’m trying to not make my ’95 Saturn break down)

Number 4: My dad calls while I’m pouring my heart out to my mom. I click over only for him to inform me that his mother passed away today. Instant tears/sadness…..especially for my dad. His mother, may she rest in peace, was always a bit reclusive and never made an attempt to get to know me throughout my life. I’ve seen her a handful of times and was never close to her. I’m just hurting for my dad who lost his mother today. She lived well into her 80s, but lived a life of isolation. I feel sad for her, but mostly I feel bad for my dad who insists on attending the small funeral in NY by himself. I offered to go but my dad has never been one to cause a scene or make things hard on others. He’s always protected me as much he could from emotional/physical distress.

So, I’m praying, even knocking on wood that my enormous load of badluck has subsided for now……I was just telling Alex the other day,”wow, things have been going so ‘as planned’ recently, I hope the bubble doesn’t burst”


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Anywhere but here…

It’s Friday, the weekend is 6 hours away. Close enough to be cheerful/hopefuly yet far enough away to inspire my daydreaming and me writing this here post.

If I could be anywhere but here I would be laying in the sand on a pink Sardinian beach. I would have ample shade when necessary and full sun when wanted. Of course I would be sporting a cute bikini and brand new anklet (hey….don’t spoil my daydream, I can have as many details as I want). My hair would be sticky from sea salt and ocean breezes and I’d have a nice golden tan (because in daydreams you can have an olively complexion).

In my hand would be my tropical drink of choice…..either a Pina Colada or Peach Bellini. We’ll go with the Peach Bellini, since we’re on an island off of Italy and all. Alex and I would of course be fluent in Italian and would be speaking to a couple on a nearby beach towel.

Afterwards we’d stroll back to our vacation home overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (hey, I can have a vacation home in Sardinia that I can escape to when life in Florence at my permanent resident becomes too hectic). There we’d munch on proscuitto, figs, and pecornio cheese drizzled with honey and sip acqua frizzante.

That evening we’d take a passegiata to the nearest piazza where we’d order our favorite gelato from our favorite gelato serving friend…..SGM (we took him with us from Florence), we’ll bring him back once our holiday is over. The rest of the evening would be spent people watching and dancing in the piazza (I would be an accomplished salsa and samba dancer).

The next morning we’d sail around the island (Alex’s motion sickness would be cured) and we’d scuba dive in the turquoise waters. I’d discover a sunken ship with treasure, with the new found income I’d of course donate to the local humane society and use the rest to buy another vacation home……mmmmm perhaps Santorini, Greece (Alec and I would coown and schedule vacays at similar times:-)

You have a daydream? I WANT to hear it!

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Work, Work, and more WORK!

My boss has been out of town this week. Because he’s pretty much the only person in the office I have to converse with to get my work done (the rest of the Marketing team is in Dallas) I’ve had almost nobody to talk to regularly at work this week. SO BORING. I chime in on the regular “water cooler” talk every now and then. But damn, I feel so isolated at times. This work week has been relatively busy, which is good…it helps me retain my sanity while battling social boredom. But now that I have three new freelance clients and tonight is also a “swim lesson” night, I have to go home and do more work. The swim lessons aren’t so bad, but after getting out of the pool, showering, eating dinner, and then going back to the computer to work for another 1-2 hours SUCKS!

I’m ready for the weekend, freelance will inevitably be a part of it, but at least it won’t include the 9-5 daily grind.

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1st Deposit down…2 to go

I’m excited, today Alex wired the first of three deposits from Wellsfargo to Florence. With this deposit we’ll be able to nail down a date and time. Which means…we can start scheduling flights, apartment rentals, and can send out the invitations I designed! I can’t wait until we get a finite guest list so I’ll know for sure who’s coming. BW, get ready…..we’re on our way!

Attached are images of our invites.

P.S.B.T.W. if you’re trying to read the info on the invites…well some of it has already changed. I need to update the date and still work on the typography. Also, these are z-fold invites….meaning they fold up like an accordian. Each different colored panel indicates a different page.

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Gelato Fantastique

Austin has definitely caught on to the growing demand for gelato. I first started recognizing gelaterias around town about 3 years ago. I’ve been a loyal customer of both Teo and Gelatos for a few years now. Those two gelaterias are going to have to fight for our business now (“fight to the death”) as Alex and I have discovered a new place just around the corner from our apartment. Piccomolo boasts creative flavors and creamy consistency (the most important characteristic of gelato in my book). We stopped by yesterday for a break while running errands. Alex had the toffee cheesecake/chocolate chip cook dough combo while I relished in life’s simple pleasures by ordering raspberry and pannacotta. The interior was playful, yet subdued and very Italian chic. The gelato freezer even had a ticker running across it. I will be back…however, Teo is still numero uno as nutella and peanut butter nutella are two of their flavors.

Also, yay for Austin being so freakin’ cool. I picked up a flyer at Piccomolo that advertised Austin’s 1st Annual Ice Cream Festival. Dear sweet nectar, am I excited for that one. And the best part is that admission is FREE!

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Our Quest

When Alex moved to Austin in January we made a pact to try a new restaurant once a week. I’ve lived in Austin for almost 19 years and haven’t nearly explored it as much as I could. And since Alex is a newbie here, well it’s the perfect opportunity for us to discover OUR city together. Now, when fellow Austinites rave about how cool 34th Street Cafe, Moonshine, Aquarelle, Sampaio’s, or Ranch 616 are we can chime in and say, “oh yeah, that place is great.” Ya know, because I’m a cool kid too now!

This past Saturday Alex and I met up with my friend Sonia and her friend Riley at Ranch 616 in downtown Austin. There have
been multiple write ups about this place all over the place and we decided that we had to try it. For an appetizer we went safe and got the fried calamari, Alex wanted to try their famous frog legs but I suddenly became squeamish. Then for an entree I had pesto tilapia with fried prawns, mashed potatos, and steamed veggies. Alex had a jalapeno braized chicken breast with saffron rice. And for dessert we split their specialty……FRIED PIE! only in Texas will they fry pie. It wasn’t as cholesterol ridden as it may seem, it consisted of two triangular puff pastries stuffed with peaches and served with Mexican vanilla ice cream and a strawberry! Yum. We may just have to break our very own rule with this place, each night they have 5 new specials and each night they stuff both their burgers and their fried pies with different fillings. SAY WHAT?!?!?!

Attached to this post are some pics of our eating out extravaganza. Alec, I’m wearing the wonderful shirt you gave me for my bday, I even wore it without a white tank underneath……scandalous!

p.s. I apologize for the blurriness of my said plate of food. I rushed the photo taking process…I felt eyes of judgement upon me from nearby diners.

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