A long overdue response to the best blog post EVER!

June 22, 2007 at 5:39 pm 2 comments

Well, this is all for you Alec bambina! I enjoyed reading your top list of stuff you have to do upon returning to Firenze and I was going to comment but just thought I’d comment on each of your ideas individually!

(i just tossed my blue corn tortilla chips away from my laptop in hopes that i’ll be too lazy to get them and thus, not eat them)

(1) SGM…..all day everyday.

well yes this would be appropriate esp. bc he’s on my mind all day everyday but only after i’m done thinking of you. I remember SGM not saying anything…..EVER, I don’t once remember him opening up his mouth. What if we went and started asking him questions, would he stare blankly or would he sing his response…….like a baratone from lucca. he would start singing a dramatic song about cookies, kinder, and perhaps amarena.

(2) and definitely marble bar me up, I can predict that after day one in Italia I’ll have had one too many caffeine jolts and may start shaking…….hugs help, as do rides on brightly (fruit) colored vespas….but only if i’m squeezed in next to a blonde ragazza from RI.

(3) I’ve been inside the Duomo…..twice. Once for Sunday mass and once for a trek up to the cupola with Helen’s early Ren class…..btw on the second trip to the cupola I ran into a plate glass wall on the way down. Cecily was the only one who saw and sympathized with me…..the next day I went shopping past the Bufa and surprisingly past La Standa and did the same thing. only that time i was by myself and the store shop owner was horrified……I believe my reaction was (1) immense embarassment and (2) i babbled “i’m ok, i’m ok” and walked out quickly with my head down.

–however, i’d love to go to the Duomo again, the other atown hasn’t been either, mostly bc the day we decided to go see Firenze churches I talked him into going to Santa Croce instead…..tee hee, I didn’t want to go inside the duommmm for a third time. with my luck i would walk in and all doors would be made of glass…….but i wouldn’t see them, there’d just be a sign that said “glass doors, beware.”

(4) Crashing SACI.

–now this is tricky, there is no place in Firenze I’d rather be but SACI, but I fear I may walk in and unleash the floodgates. And I’ll want to stay and perhaps sit in on a Helen lecture….btw, I almost peed when you said you’d run past her saying “whatever” it probably wouldn’t even phase her. nay it would prompt her to run five miles through the Tuscan hills (i imagine her to go running in Roman togas, with leather sandals and a spear)

–I would probably wander the halls of SACI only uttering “Romeo???” so hopefully…..and then once I saw him I’d leap into his arms….only then would I realize he’s a slight Italian man who weighs approx. 132 lbs. but he’d pat my head anyway and say, “Cara Eryn, sweet girl, Brava……..BRAVA!”

and that would be all it took for me to enroll for another scholastic year at SACI

*ok here is where I break off and create my own list.

(5) Pick pocket a gypsy, I’ll hit up all the touristy spots, esp. the outside of the Duomm, I’ll buy a McDonalds drink and carry the cup along with an angelic picture of Saci (the pup, not the school) and just when they start getting curious…..I’ll grab a 1 cent Euro piece from their styrofoam cup….then I’ll run to a fountain, make a wish that I don’t go straight to hell and toss it in.

(6) Make a trip to Casa del Formaggio and buy one of this famous paninos. This place was directly across the street from the SAC, yet I never went. Mostly bc I loved Angelo from Angelo’s. And the one time I walked into the “Casa” the stench of mold made me promptly leave…..so pack the gas mask atown…….we’re going in.

(7) Have a successfuly train trip……”Frantic Eryn” is not invited. What is it about train travel in Italy, or Europe for that matter? Everytime I went I would make damn sure I was at the right platform and everytime I would end up running “frantically!” to another train that was slowly pulling away already…..or get on the wrong train and not even notice, need we mention our cinque terre nightmare?

well the boss just walked back in and i have to say “ciao”

i can’t wait ’til firenze time and will continue to update the “list” of what I have to do while there…….

a presto!

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Only in Austin…….or perhaps Berlin SLACKERRR

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  • 1. Alec  |  June 23, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    AHHHH! Love it! Ok, time to comment on your blog which was a formally composed blog-reponse to my blog’s ongoing list of thingy things to do a Firenze…

    – Come to think of it… I never did hear SGM speak. I’m sure that someone, at some point, asked him a question… but someone else probably answered on behalf… I’m guessing it was me. Why didn’t I let him speak?? I probably just didn’t want to bother him with a nonsense questions like “kaaay ay illl ‘st-ratch-a-telli?'” I just pictured SGM’s mouth slowly open in response and a voice worthy of the Italian pop airwaves comes out. (Do you think he’d sing us a Robbie Williams number?)

    – I remember hearing about the Standa/glass mishap (How did SOOO many bad things happened in/around Standa!?) but I did not know about the Duomo. (I laughed. I’m sorry.) I missed out on Santa Croce, as well- I was in Venice with the bro at the time. I can’t believe I missed Mike’s tomb! I won’t force you to go with me to either… I’ll just persuade you with promises of El Taco.

    – Helen in a Roman toga, sandals and a SPEAR… I don’t think I have to say anything to that.

    – My goal, other than to make you explode in teh general vacinity of D.D.D.D.D., is to see the elusive hot photo professor (not Romeo- he was adorable, though). I had but one encounter with the man- if you could call it that. I was walking up the dark Saci stairs and he was walking in front of me. He dropped his papers and stooped to pick them up. He apologized with an embarassed look on his face. Well, short story made shorter- he’s got a cute butt. He reminded me vaguely of the hot neigbor in “La Finestra di Fronte.” But that’s probably just a result of a darkened stairway and watching that movie too many times…

    Your list is amaaazing…

    – Pick pocketing a gyspy!!!!! I LOBE YOU! Gah! It’s a typo, but I’ll leave it! It’s beyond love- it’s lobe! It’s a combination of “love” and “I shall carve your likeness in stone (or, more appropriately, Carrara marble)!” You bring the cup, I’ll bring the striped socks. But do bring your own ungodly smell and greasy hair. (Crisco or excessive olive oil should do the trick.)

    – I never went to Casa del Cheeso, either! Probably for the same reason- you could smell it from the street (along with the smells of the awesome bakery, meats with various “ew” factors, and raw sewage.) Ideally, we gather up some courage with a nip of espresso at the bar on the corner near the bank (at which many a jerk works), say “hi” to Dario’s bike, or failing that, Dario (who is ALWAYS at that bar)… and then, we pull scarves over our faces, gypsy-style and get a wheel of formmagio bigger than the Schlomo.

    – A trip just doesn’t seem like a trip without a little visit from Frantic Eryn. If it makes you feel any better, Frantic Eryn has a calming effect on the rest of the party involved in a travel “situation.” Say we were surrounded by rabid gypsies (man, I’m being rough on them) at the Mount Vesuvius (starting to fume- just for us!). Cue your freaking out- the rest of the Bufa crew would be like, “alright- let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

    Your screams would stun said gypsies, making them vulnerable to the well placed blows of Fink and Alex who armed only with Fink’s goth gear, while Rachel and I fashion makeshift lava-retardent ponchos out of leaves and fresco chippings (I didn’t say it would be easy.) Next thing you know, we’re walking back to the Buf from that stupid trainstation in the Firenze boonies of Helen-knows-where.

    For the Cinque Terre trip, I mean… you weren’t even stuck with Dimi and Sam in that train car filled with horny Italian soccer players… at least that’s what I assume they were. They looked athletic, in a chain-smoking kind of way. It was part nightmare, part fantasy… mostly nightmare… I was afraid Dimi was going to steal my teeth.

    Tu e io…

  • 2. Alec  |  July 3, 2007 at 3:55 am

    Everyday I check in vain! You’re killing me with the no update nonsense! My god daughter would have none of this.

    If only she could talk.


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