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Only in Austin…….or perhaps Berlin

This past Friday me, Alex, and three of our friends partook in an event that makes Austin so wonderful and “weird” at the same time. For those of you unaware our city slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” It refers to the city’s eclectic and liberal nature despite being in the center of a conservative state. I LOVE IT. ok, anyway, we went to go see Blue Lapis Light perform on the Federal Courthouse. And when I say “perform on” i mean perform on. The group consisted of about 7-8 females who suspended themselves 250 ft. up in the air and tumbled, flipped, frocklicked across two buildings that are facing one another. The audience sat awe inspired in the middle. It was so peaceful (esp. at night) watching their elegant movements play along with the accompanying light show and opera-esque music. What I loved most about it was how 20 feet beyond the performance normal Austin city life went on as usual (except for a fleet of cars that pulled over to look on).

Saturday, Alex and I took my dad for a deep tissue massage at Austin Deep. My bro ham and I split the one hour massage for Father’s Day. It was my dad’s first massage and I could tell that he loved it. He came out very relaxed and with a big smile on his face……good idea on our part. And his therpist’s name was Erin :-)

Then Saturday afternoon my family, Alex, and myself all went to Alex’s company picnic. Mainly bc it was only $5 for all you can eat bbq. Although my fav part were all of the activities. I was like a kid at camp, we went paddle boating, swimming, played volleyball, horseshoes, BINGO, and did couple’s relays.

Good weekend, busy weekend…….now time for the work week, blah.

–had my first swim lesson of the summer 45 min. ago at the apartment pool. very convenient for me and $20 for half an hour…..yessssssssssss

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