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A long overdue response to the best blog post EVER!

Well, this is all for you Alec bambina! I enjoyed reading your top list of stuff you have to do upon returning to Firenze and I was going to comment but just thought I’d comment on each of your ideas individually!

(i just tossed my blue corn tortilla chips away from my laptop in hopes that i’ll be too lazy to get them and thus, not eat them)

(1) SGM…..all day everyday.

well yes this would be appropriate esp. bc he’s on my mind all day everyday but only after i’m done thinking of you. I remember SGM not saying anything…..EVER, I don’t once remember him opening up his mouth. What if we went and started asking him questions, would he stare blankly or would he sing his response…….like a baratone from lucca. he would start singing a dramatic song about cookies, kinder, and perhaps amarena.

(2) and definitely marble bar me up, I can predict that after day one in Italia I’ll have had one too many caffeine jolts and may start shaking…….hugs help, as do rides on brightly (fruit) colored vespas….but only if i’m squeezed in next to a blonde ragazza from RI.

(3) I’ve been inside the Duomo…..twice. Once for Sunday mass and once for a trek up to the cupola with Helen’s early Ren class…..btw on the second trip to the cupola I ran into a plate glass wall on the way down. Cecily was the only one who saw and sympathized with me…..the next day I went shopping past the Bufa and surprisingly past La Standa and did the same thing. only that time i was by myself and the store shop owner was horrified……I believe my reaction was (1) immense embarassment and (2) i babbled “i’m ok, i’m ok” and walked out quickly with my head down.

–however, i’d love to go to the Duomo again, the other atown hasn’t been either, mostly bc the day we decided to go see Firenze churches I talked him into going to Santa Croce instead…..tee hee, I didn’t want to go inside the duommmm for a third time. with my luck i would walk in and all doors would be made of glass…….but i wouldn’t see them, there’d just be a sign that said “glass doors, beware.”

(4) Crashing SACI.

–now this is tricky, there is no place in Firenze I’d rather be but SACI, but I fear I may walk in and unleash the floodgates. And I’ll want to stay and perhaps sit in on a Helen lecture….btw, I almost peed when you said you’d run past her saying “whatever” it probably wouldn’t even phase her. nay it would prompt her to run five miles through the Tuscan hills (i imagine her to go running in Roman togas, with leather sandals and a spear)

–I would probably wander the halls of SACI only uttering “Romeo???” so hopefully…..and then once I saw him I’d leap into his arms….only then would I realize he’s a slight Italian man who weighs approx. 132 lbs. but he’d pat my head anyway and say, “Cara Eryn, sweet girl, Brava……..BRAVA!”

and that would be all it took for me to enroll for another scholastic year at SACI

*ok here is where I break off and create my own list.

(5) Pick pocket a gypsy, I’ll hit up all the touristy spots, esp. the outside of the Duomm, I’ll buy a McDonalds drink and carry the cup along with an angelic picture of Saci (the pup, not the school) and just when they start getting curious…..I’ll grab a 1 cent Euro piece from their styrofoam cup….then I’ll run to a fountain, make a wish that I don’t go straight to hell and toss it in.

(6) Make a trip to Casa del Formaggio and buy one of this famous paninos. This place was directly across the street from the SAC, yet I never went. Mostly bc I loved Angelo from Angelo’s. And the one time I walked into the “Casa” the stench of mold made me promptly leave… pack the gas mask atown…….we’re going in.

(7) Have a successfuly train trip……”Frantic Eryn” is not invited. What is it about train travel in Italy, or Europe for that matter? Everytime I went I would make damn sure I was at the right platform and everytime I would end up running “frantically!” to another train that was slowly pulling away already…..or get on the wrong train and not even notice, need we mention our cinque terre nightmare?

well the boss just walked back in and i have to say “ciao”

i can’t wait ’til firenze time and will continue to update the “list” of what I have to do while there…….

a presto!

June 22, 2007 at 5:39 pm 2 comments

Only in Austin…….or perhaps Berlin

This past Friday me, Alex, and three of our friends partook in an event that makes Austin so wonderful and “weird” at the same time. For those of you unaware our city slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” It refers to the city’s eclectic and liberal nature despite being in the center of a conservative state. I LOVE IT. ok, anyway, we went to go see Blue Lapis Light perform on the Federal Courthouse. And when I say “perform on” i mean perform on. The group consisted of about 7-8 females who suspended themselves 250 ft. up in the air and tumbled, flipped, frocklicked across two buildings that are facing one another. The audience sat awe inspired in the middle. It was so peaceful (esp. at night) watching their elegant movements play along with the accompanying light show and opera-esque music. What I loved most about it was how 20 feet beyond the performance normal Austin city life went on as usual (except for a fleet of cars that pulled over to look on).

Saturday, Alex and I took my dad for a deep tissue massage at Austin Deep. My bro ham and I split the one hour massage for Father’s Day. It was my dad’s first massage and I could tell that he loved it. He came out very relaxed and with a big smile on his face……good idea on our part. And his therpist’s name was Erin :-)

Then Saturday afternoon my family, Alex, and myself all went to Alex’s company picnic. Mainly bc it was only $5 for all you can eat bbq. Although my fav part were all of the activities. I was like a kid at camp, we went paddle boating, swimming, played volleyball, horseshoes, BINGO, and did couple’s relays.

Good weekend, busy weekend…….now time for the work week, blah.

–had my first swim lesson of the summer 45 min. ago at the apartment pool. very convenient for me and $20 for half an hour…..yessssssssssss

June 19, 2007 at 12:45 am 2 comments

Identical Dogs?

Upon reading fellow blogger bleeding espresso’s blog I made an exciting discovery that her pup Luna could be the twin of our dog Saci. I’m posting a pic of her dog as well as a pic of mine so you guys can be the judge. Also posted is a picture of a puppy I fell in love with in Venice (also named Luna) that looks almost like the puppy version of our dogs.


June 12, 2007 at 9:56 pm 2 comments

An almost no work friday…

Oh how my job is fabulous at times. Yesterday morning I meandered around the apartment and worked from home because I needed some creative time to brainstorm our next project. I did get some swell ideas :-) (Does anyone say swell anymore? I probably picked it up from all the episodes of Brady Bunch I watched as a kid) Then I get to work at 10:15……by 11 am the internet has gone out for half an hour and everyone decides to leave…….Awwww lovely. I did work from home………stop worrying that my life is so much better than yours. And then cleaned the apt and cooked amazing zucchini soup from my new Italian cookbook.

A quick workout and long dip in our pool was followed by i meie genitori e il mio fratello and his girlfriend. tee hee, i’m trying to work on my italian vocab. we watched three episodes of The Office (best show ever) and said goodnight.

Un Buon Venerdi

if i’ve made any grammatical errors in my poor Italian……please correct me!

June 9, 2007 at 12:31 pm 2 comments

A Skinny Dipping Good Time…

Ok, I’ve never been the exhibisionist… really. But for some reason on a hike we took in a greenbelt i felt compelled to skinny dip beneath the waterfall. HAHAHA, I only was out there for a grand total of 4 minutes but I did it….I don’t even know why I felt the need to…but I did. The entire time I was just picturing someone stumbling upon me, it was quite terrifying, yet liberating.

My mom would be so proud.

Alex and mine’s date night on Friday was gaahreat! he found this little italian restaurant in the middle of downtown that i had always seen just never taken the time to figure out what it was……it has a very unassuming awning. The ambience was very alluring and modern with one white stone wall and the other being bright red, dark wood seating, and big mirrors to make the space appear larger. We ordered wild mushroom bruschetta with fontina cheese over a bed of arugula for our antipasto. Then I had fettucine con funghi while Alex had the pasta Bolognese. And for dolci we both split a chocolate hazelnut torte. YUMMO, as Rachel Ray would so predictably say!

Then as you already know, we saw Knocked UP. Go see it, you won’t be disappointed…..loved it, except for seeing the whole baby crowning bit.

June 4, 2007 at 2:14 pm 2 comments

Date Night!

Happy Friday All!!! I woke up this morning after a very refreshing nights sleep (doesn’t happen very often) thinking it was Saturday morning. Then the realization hit me that it was just Friday morning which meant one last day of work before the weekend. I can make it…… worries.

I’m very excited for tonight. Alex and I decided to have a “date night” and go to a good old fashioned dinner and movie. Don’t know where we’re going for dinner yet but we do know that we’ll be seeing “Knocked Up.” It’s been getting rave reviews from all critics and publications which means that’ll be even better than I expected. Yay, for a comedy :-)

I’ll post later this weekend to let you all know how it was.

Ciao ciao!

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