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Speed Painter

Yesterday I finally made myself sit and paint. I have had two neglected canvases for almost the past month and now one of them has paint on it. Well, a lot of paint actually…I ran out of liquin the thinning medium I use to make my oils last longer. So there was a lot of paint used on the particular one.

I sat down on the back porch (was too lazy to go to my parent’s house to get my easel) and painted for two hours. And somehow managed to finish the first of the two. I was going for an abstract flower, Georgeia O’Keefe looking composition and think I did well to achieve it. I find that in my art I can’t wait to finish a project and therefore, end up rushing through it, even if it doesn’t fit my original idea….something I need to work on I guess. But for now, I’m happy with the end product.

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Anorexic dog?!?!

So I have a dog that is on a food strike…maybe she’s pretending to be an Italian Greyhound:-) Every morning and afternoon when we pour her tastey lamb kibble into her fire-engine red dog bowl she gives us a face like, “what, you expect me to eat that crap?” It then sits there for the next 20 minutes and inevitably throws her off her very strict schedule of eating and then going outside to do her “business.” Yes, she’s like a child, a child on a schedule. If we had a dogsitter for her when we went to work I imagine we’d have a floral notepad sitting on the counter top that outlined this very important puppy schedule. We’d also have both our cell numbers, the vet’s number, and an emergency contact clinging to the fridge by use of a magnet. Probably a magnet we got for free somewhere. You know us parents…kibble and dog bones cost so much these days, we can’t afford fancy magnets :-)

Now that I have totally freaked out all current and future readers of this blog I will now move on.

Last night Alex and I went shopping with my mom. We went to places such as Crate & Barrel (where I of course wanted to buy EVERYTHING but was good and didn’t), Best Buy (where Alex was on the verge of buying a flat screen tv), Ulta (where my mom insisted on putting blue eyeshadow on Alex…true story), and Barnes & Noble (where my mom and I bought the most fabulous Italian cookbook for only ten dollars). I of course read the introduction that outlines the history and origins of Italian cuisine. Ya know outlining the importance of fresh, local ingredients and simple recipes that truly represent the region they come from. All that jazz, I’m especially eager to making some of the soups and desserts I saw in there. Bellissimo!

…well I’ve got to go, I’ve got a dog with a complex sitting next to me and I need to coax her to her kibble and possibly convince her that she’s perfect the way she is. And that it’s very important for her to stay on schedule….no more of this puppy anorexia crap!

The attached picture was posted to point out how she’s really gone too far with all this not eating mumbo jumbo. I mean look how that shirt just hangs off her skin and bones. Enough is enough :-)

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Looks like we’re in for a soggy Memorial Day Weekend!

The picture I’m adding to this blog has nothing to do with Memorial Day weekend or anything soggy. It was taken in fall 2004, the most wonderful time in my life when i was cavorting around Italy. you can tell from the fleur-di-lys on the crown I’m wearing that I was in Florence, the most wonderful city around!

Anway, back to reality. In Texas, the land of sunshine and triple digit heat one would expect a sunny and delightful Memorial Day weekend (esp. being at the end of May). Sorry folks, not this three day weekend. I still have hopeful plans of making a trip to Barton Springs (a huge natural springs in downtown Austin) and making another trip to a Farmer’s Market in South Austin. We’ll see if any of these pan out. We may just have to give in to the fact that this weekend will be an indoors weekend.

That’s ok, Alex and the family really want to go see Spiderman 3 and I fully intend on starting my dyptic painting that I’ve been putting off for the past three weeks. I’m thinking I’ll make a Georgia O’Keefe-esque painting of whimsical, pastel flowers.

I’m throwing a question out into the universe…..does anyone stress out more than I do? I have a great ability to hide my stress but on the inside I’m on the brink of exploding sometimes. And the worst part is is that I’ve gotten better with dealing with it and this is still how I react…..I need to realize and engrain in my brain that I can’t always please everyone and as long as I’m doing my best that’s all that counts (at least that’s what my mom always told me, i love her).

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LOST definitely didn’t disappoint!

Being a LOST fanatic I was one of the millions of dedicated viewers that tuned in last night. Despite being thoroughly let down by this season I felt more than compensated with the finale this season. Pretty much everything I wanted to happen…..happened. Usually characters don’t react how I want them to or questions just aren’t answered. Well there was none of that last night. My favorite character, Sayid, remains alive (thank heavens) and Jack’s fist dealt Benry what he had coming for many many seasons. I was very sad to see Charlie go but I guess I’ll survive.

I cannot wait for next season, even though I’m upset I have to wait ’til February……definitely more than 6 months away (do they want us to forget everything??) I don’t know if I can make it. It’s like a drug for me…..don’t be surprised if I start shooting up LOST serum!

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Engaged and getting married in Italy

Since I haven’t made a post in God knows how long I felt it necessary to update on the very big changes in my life. Alex proposed to me on April 6 (my 23rd bday) on top of Mt. Bonnell (the highest point in Austin). He then whisked me away for a romantic weekend in San Antonio where we dined out at very very chic restaurants, stayed in the ultra posh Hotel Valencia, spent a morning at the Watermark spa, and went to a crazy burlesque show. It was perfect.

And now to make things even more perfect we’ve decided to get married in the country and city where it all began, Florence, Italy!!! We started dating there when we were both studying abroad in the Fall of 2004. It was definitely the most fantastic and adventurous time of both our lives. Ever since I left my heart aches to return and would love love love to live there one day!

Our wedding will be in late April (the day is still to be decided). I’m thinking it will probably by April 24th, 2008 but I still can’t make any promises. Our wedding coordinator’s name is Helga (I picture her to be a 50 something Dutch woman who walks around with a flour dusted rolling pin sticking out of her oversized handbag). I know I know…..stereotypes, but one can’t help it most times.

We’ve decided to take the route of renting an apartment in the city center the week of the wedding. It’s just so much more cost effective than getting a hotel!!! We’ve contacted three owners already in Florence and they’ve all repsonded within 12 hours. Wow, didn’t expect promptness from Italians! Shows how much I know :-) After the wedding we are so excited to spend our remaining time in our favorite city and then tour parts of Italy we’ve never seen before. Such as the entire Amalfi coastline (including Pompeii), possibly Sardinia or Elba, a few Tuscan towns like Siena or Assisi or even San Gimignano.

All in all we’re both incredibly excited as are all the people who are planning on coming!!!!!

VIVA ITALIANA, I can’t wait to finally return!!!

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