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Flash Class

So I’ve been enrolled in a beginners flash class through my job. Today was our 4th class of 5 and definitely made me feel better about the whole class because we finally learned something extra helpful that i will for sure utilize in the future. i’m nervous when the class is over that i won’t be diligent enough on myself to go in and practice what i’ve learned and learn new flash tricks:-)

i guess i’ll just have to force feed myself flash. although i feel so much better about using it now. it’s easier than i made it out to be, before it was a big scary bear that i didn’t want to face….

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belly dancing?

so while watching the grammys last night i became incredibly envious watching ms. shakira shake her hips as if independent from her body. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? so i then turned my alex (the boyfriend) and told him how i long to be able to partake in that activity. of course he was a fan :-) now i need to find a reasonable establishment in austin that gives belly dancing lessons.

if nothing else it’d be a great conversation starter…

i’m loving this new blogging thing. it’s so 2.0 and “now.” and i have to admit that i feel very intellectual and hip when i read blogs as well as write my own. if only i wrote more eloquently… least i don’t spell words incorrectly :-)

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Happy World Nutella Day 2007

Fitting that my very first post be about one of my very favorite things in life…..Nutella. I didn’t know until this morning when I was checking my favorite blogs written by expats who have relocated in Italy (my second home), but today (Feb. 6) is World Nutella Day, it was created by two American girls now living in Italy. I’m sad I didn’t come up with it first myself. I could bet good money that I’m more in love with this delicious hazelnut spread than they are.

People ask me what I put my nutella on (ya know shortbread, strawberries, etc…) MY ANSWER, a spoon, I don’t like to interrupt the nutella’s creamy goodness with anything else. I’m a purist :-)

Expect more sane, non-nutella posts in the future……although I can’t make any promises!

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